The ERM Contest


Contest Rules

A minimum of 15 horses must be Entered into this Contest for the contest to be valid and the prizes to be awarded. Get approved and get your horse as soon as you can, the best horses will no doubt be leaving soon! Each trainer may adopt and work with 2 horses for this contest. The adoption fee is waived for the horses for this contest and there is no entry fee!

Trainers adopt the horses and assume all liability for the horse. If the trainer is unwilling or unable to continue training the horse during the contest the horse must be returned to Horse Plus Humane Society at the trainers expense and the trainer forfeits any claims to the prize(s.)

Trainers must be approved to adopt through Horse Plus Humane Society before the horse leaves the shelter and training begins.

Trainer agrees that Horse Plus Humane Society staff and volunteers may check on the horses well-being at any time.

Horse Plus Humane Society will highlite the trainers and their progress using print and web based communication. Regular information updates including text and pictures / video is required on a weekly basis.

The prizes, including cash prizes of $5,000, will be awarded in June at the Grand Finale.

Contest will be judged by a minimum of 3 independant judges. Horses and trainers will be judged on, but not limited to, horses health, behavior, training, relationship, and showmanship.

Trainers will use a natural style training method. Any trainer using methods considered cruel or abusive will have the horses immediately removed from their care and they will be eliminated from the contest.

Horse Plus Humane Society staff, volunteers and contractors are inelligable from entering this competition.

These rules may be changed without prior notification.

To read the Extreme Rescue Makeover Handbook, click here.



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